Saturday, July 6, 2013


I think that I just blinked and the year is more than half way over...whoops.  I haven't been a super cook lately...honestly I have been a pretty awful cook.  It is not helping me that the Hubby works over night, and I work late.  I don't like to eat alone, so Ramen noodles or something quick has been the name of the game.  Can we say that equals boring!?!?!?!  

So I am determined...even though we are 6 days in to July that I am going to cook and blog this month.  Even if I don't get to try with the hubby I am going to do it.  July's theme is Hamburgers and Hot dogs...That is a little bit of a challenge.  But I do have the Rachel Ray Big Burger book, which I am sure I will be consulting.  I hope that you are still reading.  I hope that someone is still finding my blog interesting.  Really it just helps me.  Even though no one might be reading...well someone is I have 924 page views.  

Does anyone else go to several stores to get deals?  I feel like my shopping list is a puzzle.  This item here, these five items over there.  Luckly the stores that I go to are not far from eachother.  Lord knows that I spend enough time on the road, using enough gas.  I don't need to go all over town to get the deal.  I really should shop at food lion more, but I kindof forget that it is in town, because of where it is located.  And there has to be one HELL of a deal for me to go to the safeway in town, espically if I am shopping on my own, it is just in a weird place and NEVER has anything.  Maybe I should complain to the head office, but working in retail, I know nothing will come of it.

So for the next few days I will be on the hunt for my 5 recipes, then I will blog about them.  Please wish me luck!  Have a wonderful July!!  (Just incase I'm not back until August!!!)

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