Monday, January 23, 2012


I'll give you some back ground...even though I don't know how many characters I'm limited to (I'll try not to mis-spell either ;)). Some time ago I was telling a friend at work some funny mishaps that I had in the kitchen (I broke a glass pan in the oven, and it was all over my feet). She told me that I should write about what I do, well that took me about 6 months maybe more, but here I am!!!

I think that my love of cooking started when I was about 11 or 12 and had to make a home made recipe for either girl scouts or home economics. I used a recipe from our neighbor for Chicken catchatore, it took me forever to make it, but I loved every second of standing in the kitchen (even though I burned myself a ton of times that day). I was pretty much hooked, it was a rush that I got cooking it....I would help mom cook dinner and many times try my own dishes ( I have my own recipe, that will come later).

Fast forward to 2012 and I am married and cooking my own food...and here is where I thought that you might be interested in reading what I have to say...there are some things in the kitchen after all these years, that I have no idea HOW to make or do..which you will find out quick....

Now onto yesterday and today...

Yesterday I spent about three hours going threw Food Network Mag and a couple books, as well a website so that I could find a good guacamole recipe. I decided that I would make home made pizza for the first time ever (no recipe), and that I would make guacamole, sweet and sour pork, honey mustard chicken, and broccoli cheddar soup.

The pizza was AMAZING and very easy to make..if you want the "recipe" message me and I will give it to you. And the silly: I made GUACAMOLE!!!!! On the recipe it said prep 10 minutes ready in 10 how about no!!! First of all have you ever cut, peeled, and pitted an avocado? That alone took me 20 minutes, I couldn't get the pit out and my hands were so green!!!! Then I had to mash them, couldn't find the potato masher so I had to use a meat pounder :D Cutting the onion and tomato were not hard, have done that many times, but the minced garlic killed me...and so I decided that I would throw it all in my trusty magic bullet (minus the tomatoes) and would have a nice creamy mix then I put it in the fridge, because for best results it should sit for 24 hours....the next day having almost ate an entire piece of garlic as well as biting into one, I really need to learn how to chop and mince that garlic before I decide that a machine can do it fore me!!!! Even though all that happened I am pretty pleased with my Guacamole and will be making it again.

Today I made turkey fajita tacos...they were okay..not something I will try again...

Guac recipe:

3 avocados- peeled, pitted, and mashed
1 lime, juiced
1 teaspoon salt
1/2cup diced onion
3 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro
2 roma (plum) tomatoes, diced
1 pinch ground cayenne pepper (optional)

I really like onion so I didn't measure that, I just put how much I thought that I would like in it. I also didn't use 3 tablespoons of cilantro, it was just too much. and Mike and I really don't like tomatoes that much so I only used one, and didn't add the pepper. Now try it and tell me what you think!!!!

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