Monday, March 18, 2013

Way outside of my comfort zone...

It has been a while since I have stepped this far outside of my cooking comfort zone, Im not even sure if it is edable, and I am sure as anything not going to eat it.  But, oh the things that we do for our hubby's!  

My Hubby will eat almost anything, he really isn't picky.  He really likes Rubins and Corned Beef.  When we go to Busch gardens he always wants to eat in Ireland, so that he can get the Corned Beef.  So while we were in BJ's on Saturday he saw corned beef and asked if I would make it.  I didn't get home in time to make it yesterday so I promised that I would make it for him today, along with cabbage.  Both of which I have never made.  I'm a little worried that the will not be good at all.  But, to be honest I don't know how they are supposed to taste because I don't eat either thing.

For the Corned Beef you bring water to a boil and simmer not boil for 3 okay I guess that I could do that.  But the meat is still pink.  Was it supposed to be?  As far as the cabbage goes I just put water in a pot that was for the oven, and my grandma said add pepper, butter and salt.  It smelled yucky, so maybe that was right.  Hubby hasn't gotten up to eat it yet.  So, I still don't know if it was okay for him to eat.  

Hubby will probably tell me that it tasted fine.  I hope that is the case.  Though there isn't very good bread to eat it on at the house, and I don't know if he will eat it plan.  I don't know if he needs sauerkraut  cause I am sure that I have forgotten to buy it.  I am so nervous!  Yikes...maybe I should stick to things that I know.  

Oh more thing!!! This week is his birthday and I am supposed to me making him a cake in my new mixer...that is out of my comfort zone too.  Lord help me!!!

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