Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seems like I always have an excuse not to Blog (cook)...

Talk about a crazy start to the New Year, I just seem to run out of time!  I look at my calendar and it goes from January to March in the blink of an eye.  Pretty soon it will be July...

I guess that I should stop calling THIS job my new job and just say my job.  As I am getting more committed to this job I am finding out that I am working later and longer days.  Not what I intended, but I will take that pay check any day.  Anyways, on Monday's I have been working about 12 hour days.  It wouldn't be so horrible if I would get a break in there some where.  But last week it was like 45 minutes and the week before it was only 15 (this includes drive time, because that is a major part of my job and I don't considering anything but not driving work.)  Plus, I have to pick the furkids up from granny and pappy's house so I usually don't get home until 10pm.  So I am usually out of the house by 7am and not there again until 10pm.  Where is the time to cook?

So, I am making this blog as a plea...a plea to have faith in me and stick with me.  I promise that I will be cooking.  I also promised the Hubby that I would cook to, so I can't break them right?!?!  

Let me tell you about my latest miss...So the Hubby asked me to make lunch yesterday.  And we don't have a lot of things in the house (the other day when I heard that we are getting snow..I bought Bagels, like 3 bags of them), so I made him a bagel.  But he only really likes the plan ones.  Well, we cleaned out the toaster because I noticed that it has been burning our toast (when we made our wedding list we asked for a really nice one, and we got it I LOVE THAT THING!!).  I burned the only plan bagel that we had in the house.  Hubby was so upset.  He picked off the seeds and such of the everything bagel.  I turned the setting down and toasted away for him.  Poor thing!!  Lesson Learned: buy more than one thing of plan bagels!!! 

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