Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy April!!!

So I decided that potatoes are not my thing.  I know I only made two dishes...
Honestly I lost the other two pins, I bought all the ingredients, and didn't write down the name of the pin.  So I suck.  LOL!  

So I am not onto my Rachael Ray recipes!  I am more than a little excited..I mean I have a ton of mags, cookbooks, and all that jaz to pull from!! I am soooo excited!  However there is going to be a lot of time spent on these recipes.  Rachael has a lot of people to do her prep work, I only have me unless I can convience the Hubby.

I am not about completing a meal fast, but sometimes I want to cut corners!  But then again, I really enjoy my time in the kitchen!  It is a comfort a release!  One thing I wish, is that my kitchen was bigger, mean I want more counter space!!!  Oh and a bigger fridge..but one improvement to the house at a time, and first comes the deck, then painting the living room, then hard wood floors!  Oh and can some one PLEASE hire a maid for me?  To clean up after??  That is the hardest part.  I hate cleaning.  I love to cook and make a mess, but do I really have to clean up after???  Can't I just wave my magic wand and it all be clean?

I am so ADD today!!  I'm not sure if the first recipe that I make should be a burger, or I should get one out of her mag that is shop once and have 5 meals?  Maybe I'll do that!!  I have had pretty good luck and did a big shopping trip the last time so I have been in a few weeks!  I don't miss it, that's for sure!!!  

Thanks for following me!  Thanks for hanging in there!  One day I hope that this becomes a book, even if it is just a book for me :D

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