Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big Hero 6

I'm not sure if I should begin this blog by complaining, or just talk about the title.  So, for this blog I will ditch the complaining and save it for another time.  (Considering it's 10 minutes before the Walking Dead.. and HOPEFULLY hubby is home in time; complaining takes too long!!)

Hubby and I went on a date last night.  Out to dinner and a movie, this is our usual.  We are kind of boring in that way, but we both really like movies and so that is what we do.  We went and saw the Disney movie "Big Hero 6."  (I know not everyone is on par with Disney movies and these days they get a lot of hate, but we enjoy them.)  We really enjoy the previews, infact they are MY fave.  I want to know what I have to look forward to seeing after I have seen this movie.  I like to plan ahead.  


Before the movie there was a short, most of the time they are funny or confusing.  (You know what I am talking about if you have seen the one with the chess player, who is playing by himself, I believe that one is before Ratatouille?!?!?)

To spoil it for you this one is about a dog, it is entitled, The Feast.  So basically, the puppy is on the street when a guy finds him, and gives him dog food with human food on top.  Guy takes pup home, which at first I thought was a Boxer puppy, but as the pup grows, it is clearly a Boston Terrier.  But the guy gives the puppy, "Winston" dog food and then puts cooked food on top.  Guy takes pup to restaurant, where Guy meets Girl.  Guy and girl fall in love, and girl does not give pup human food.  Instead she gives the pup parsley(??).  Which makes the pup said.  Then, girl breaks up with guy and he is very said.  Orders lots of take out food, pup gets food again and is super happy.  But, guy is very sad, until he orders spaghetti, and the pup finds parsley again and runs away to find the girl.  Guy and girl get married and pup is best man.  Then...

Cut to pup laying on the floor next to his dog dish... then a meat ball rolls on the floor.  And a tear down my cheek.  And another meatball... and another tear... and then you see the BABY in the high chair feeding the pup.  And then it goes on to have the BABY grow and then another BABY.  Oh yeah, there are many tears coming down my face.  Hubby offers pop corn to try and get to not to notice...

I let the floodgates go, all over a cartoon.  A 5 minute short film, with not a lot of sound.  I am bawling like a crazy women.  All I can think about are my dogs.  Mainly Jake, he is old, about to be 10.  I just hope that he can be around to enjoy our child.  Then I think of Abby, my Boxer and her short life span.  I want her to be there too.  I am such a mess.  All over a little short film.  To be fair, I have always cried over animals, sometimes humans.  But, not as much.  Dogs are my weakness.  I love them.  I just hope that they are around for my babies.

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