Sunday, January 25, 2015

Living the dream, at least I hope so

What a crazy couple of days it has been, but all in a good way.  You see I always set goals for myself, and once I obtain them I am really shocked.  The biggest goal/dream has been to be a teacher.  In many posts past I have talked about how much it has been a part of my life.  As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher.  Everyone had to play school with me.  I was the kid that would be excited to go to school, (still loved my snow days and wasn't the easiest to get up in the morning.)  I had a kit of school supplies, Im sure that it is around somewhere.  

I thought that my last job would help me with that dream.  It seemed possible several times.  And then it was one closed door after another, I managed to crawl through the window, just to have the next opportunity given to someone else, or to say that I wasn't qualified.  Every year when the school year would start, I would have to wait for full time work.  I was told over and over to just work all the hours with your afternoon cases, which was difficult because it was a constant struggle to get them to meet up with me.  I found some odd jobs to do now and again.  I would sell my Scentsy ( and then try and float.  This last time I did the longest floating stint I could, and then enough was enough.  It was coming on Christmas time and it was just stressful.  To be denied work from August to December, it was enough.  I left.  Yes!  Finally free.  I no longer had to worry about if I would have another client or steady work.  Not only did I leave I found another job.  A better job, yes I took a little bit of a pay cut.  But in the end it is worth it.

I work at a preschool now, part of what I originally imaged for myself all my life.  I love it.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful that I work there.  I have only been there a month and I have my own classroom.  I will be with the 16-24 months, doing childcare and preschool.  Im so excited.  I think that is looking better and better every day.  I just really hope that some other things in my life come together and I can blog about happy I am about that!  

What I have learned is to not take no for an answer, and NEVER give up on what you dream is, no matter how old you are.  You can pursue it, you can do it.  Just keep dreaming, keep swimming, and keep moving forward!

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