Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When it's not your story to tell

Sometimes I forget that I am telling the world "our" story.  

I understand that you may have read my last blog post, I really hope that I am helping you in whatever you are going through.  However, I had to delete it.  I told too much for the comfort of my Hubbz and he was not a happy camper.  I don't want anyone to be upset about it.  And again I know that you may have read it, but I should have told him what I was doing before I did it.  I can never say sorry enough.

We are struggling, not in our marriage, not with our money, not in our lives.  We are struggling to have a baby.  Many couples go through really hard times.  I cannot compare to them.  I don't want to do that either.  But for us this is really hard.  Honestly we don't know what to do.  (I just want to THANK everyone for any suggestions that you have given me!!)  We are actively pursuing a fertility specialist, but we don't know what to expect.  We are also trying to keep things open for adoption.  And there is always the chance to make our fur baby crew bigger.  

But I should have been more private towards my husband in my last post.  I am willing to share all of me with you.  He is not willing to share and I am okay with that.  So please don't hate.  Just take it as my mistake.  And we will move on form here!!!

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