Monday, July 20, 2015

A 2nd opinion is worth all the $$ in the world...

Do you advocate for yourself?  When the Dr says something are you okay with it or do you question it?  For the longest time I just went with it... Today I can say "No More."

For about 7 months or more I have been toying around with the idea of going to a different OBGYN.  I wasn't sure if I should.  I was also worried that IF I did go to a different one, that I would have to start everything all over again.  I didn't want to do that.  I have spent 2 years trying to have a baby, I really don't want to waste any more time.  If you have been following me (incase you haven't) things really got to a breaking point last month when I decided that I was going to really work harder at trying to have a baby.  I felt like I wasn't giving it everything that I have, and I wasn't leaving every stone unturned.  

I wouldn't say that I "loved" my past two OBGYN's, my first Dr left for WV, and got married (congrats to her), the 2nd I inherited.  They were both okay, but both wanted to drag their feet.  I kept hearing, your young it will happen.  2 years later and it didn't.  Not only that but when your Dr says one thing and then they say they don't want you to have that, and the nurse says the Dr never said that it really messes with your head.  (Advocate for yourself.)  I kept telling them that this was really frustrating me, that they weren't giving me any answers.  I finally had enough when they couldn't even fax the fertility specialist that they referred me to the proper paperwork.  The next day I went home and made an appointment with the new Dr.

Today I went to the new Dr.  Dr. Bell.  He is FANTASTIC!!!  I was really really nervous going in there.  To the point where I was either going to cry or hyperventilate, I ended up chewing and braiding my hair, just in case you were wondering.  But, Dr. Bel is really nice.  And he really took time to talk to me, he wasn't rushing me out of the office or having me be quiet.  He asked me questions, of course he didn't have much to go by, my OBGYN didn't fax my records.  But for once I didn't want to cry, I didn't want to curl up into a ball and just lay there until tomorrow.  

First: Hubby still has to go to a urologist, he could be half or all of the problem.  Dr. Bell says that simply because I have not been pregnant and I have not miscarried that Hubby could be most of the problem.  

Second: I need to have the HSG test (the uterine dye test), it could open me up enough to get pregnant.  The good news, I don't have to go to UVA.  (Okay I really stared at him when he said that.  Like he stopped, and asked if I was okay.  I said, "You do the test, I don't have to go anywhere?"  Dr. Bell said me and an X-ray technician... you get the results that day....

Let's stop there...  I have been waiting since February to get this test done.  I put it off for a little bit due to the fact that neither one of my old jobs would allow me to have the time off to get it done.  My new job will allow me to.  Then hearing that I don't have to go anywhere.  That my own Dr. can do it for me.  That was just like new to my ears.  I couldn't say thank you enough.  I couldn't be happier.  Ahhh, cloud nine does not compare!!

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