Monday, April 9, 2012

Having a PICKY Dog makes you think about food!!!

The dog in this image should come with a warning label: "Caution; this dog is sweet, cute, mostly friendly, odd, picky when it comes to her food, smells all flowers fake and real, and has anxiety attacks when new people come to your house." Almost four short years ago, this little spotted thing, Emma Lily came into my life. I cannot say that it has been awful. Quite the opposite. However, more and more, as she has been getting older, she has become more picky with her food. To the point where she isn't eating much.

At first she would pick out the pieces of food by order that she liked them, actually she wouldn't eat out of a bowl, and would have you separate the pieces out, before she would eat them. Then after I went back to school, she did it herself, but it took her an entire day to eat one bowl of food. When I came back home from school. She began not to eat much of her food, if any at all. She doesn't get much people food, but she gets a bite here and there. My Pappy loves to feed her, they both eat peanuts together. When she came to live at my house, Hubby and I switched her food. When she was eating the other food, she would only eat the small pieces. So we switched to a brand that has soft and hard, small bites. For a while Jake would not eat it either. He is now eating it. Emma picks out all the soft bites, and is no longer eating the hard. I don't want to keep switching their food...

So maybe I can make my own dog food? That might be more of a challenge then I am thinking that it would be. I really just wish that there was something that she would just eat. I guess if she wasn't getting enough food she would let me know? But I really feel bad. Like I am a bad mom. She hasn't lost any weight. Last time she was at the vet she gained a pound. I need some help!!!

I am a concerned momma. Someone please help me!!!!

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