Tuesday, July 17, 2012

>.< this month is flyin by....

Where has the time gone?  I always think that I have more time to cook, write, read...or just nap, then I look down at my planner, and realize that there are 9 days until my Birthday....YIKES.  Last year this time, I wasn't even remotely worried about when I had time to write, I hadn't started to blog.  Last year on this date, I finally picked out my wedding dress.... That's me, on the day I picked it.  It was saved on my computer and Mike didn't find it.  

This day also happens to be my great grandmother's 103rd birthday, and Yes I did pick out my dress on her birthday.  I really felt like she was spreading fairy dust from heaven, and I finally decided on this dress.

  My best friend and Matron of Honer picked out this dress.  I could not imagine my life with out her and I couldn't imagine that day with out her.  

If you know me well, you know that I do EVERYTHING last minute, I do it well, but it is totally impulse.   I drive more than everyone nuts when I do it.  From empty cabinets, to big projects, that is how I work.  I'll buy your birthday present, the day of your birthday...I might even wish you a happy birthday the day before so that I don't miss it.  My wedding plans last year went that way, but I go it all done.  I have no idea why I am rambling on about why I am so last minute.  Other than I really really need some inspiration in the kitchen.  I see all these recipes that I want to make.  But then when I get down to it I don't make them.  I'm not lazy, I just don't want to have to shop every day.  I need a shopping time to just fill up the house and shopping time to just fill up what I am going to try.

I haven't made anything new in a very long time.  I get in the kitchen and I just stare.  I get on Pinterest and pin something and then I just let it sit there.  I am not a lazy person, but my willingness to cook, is gone with the wind, and I am not sure how to get it back.  SOME ONE HELP ME PLEASE!!

What I would really like for my birthday this year is a nice cookbook (that I don't have to keep returning to the library), and a Zebra.  The Zebra, I am more than sure I will not get.  I would so keep it in the back yard.  I would also like spooines (Rachael Ray of coarse) Two yards of orange fleece, and anything Zebra that you can find.  Now I am not expecting packages to land at my door step.  But I wasn't sure what else to ask for.  I was thinking more of the practical.  PS...I am up 24 views since the 6th.  I would really like to get up to 400 by August first....so pass on the word.  And send me some inspiration!!!

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