Monday, July 30, 2012

I am not the greatest at keeping up with this...

When I set out on this Journey in Feb I was determined that I was going to keep up with blogging this time.  While I have done better than my past attempts, I have not done as well as I liked.  Again I am still stuck in a rut; AND I am now on a budget.  So, I need to find meals that I can fix, that are interesting that don't cost a small fortune when I go to the grocery store. 
To be honest, I would really like to just spend my time making the food, rather than going to the grocery store.  I like going to the grocery store, but I get stressed because they don't have all the ingredients for a recipe.  When they don't have one, I start to panic, or I start thinking that I will just adjust and everything will be okay.

That is why some of these blogs have not been about food.  Most of the recent ones ave been on whatever this little ole brain can think of.  (Let me tell you that sometimes it really isn't that much ;)).  

This weekend we went to an Anime convention.   It's a fun time, but let me just tell you somethings that are not good about it.
1. Nerds DO NOT know how to stay in a line, or go with the flow of traffic.  I thought that you all were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us and know which way to go.  I don't want to drive down the road with any of you, cause I garentee you are going down the wrong side of the road.  
2. Have you ever heard of a shower?  Coming to the convention with greasy hair is unacceptable.  Spending 3 days in your outfit with out showering is unacceptable.  You are staying in a hotel, you can use as much water as you like.  VISIT the shower, if not once, twice in a day.
3. DON'T stop and not look at the booth/vender/dealer you are in front of.  There is someone behind you, probably shorter, that wants to look at stuff and you are in the way.  4.  If you are a 400lb man, and you are going to watch something in subtitles DON'T sit in the middle of the room.  There is someone shorter sitting behind you and you ruin a ton of what is going on.  

I did have a good time, I am excited that "My Little Pony" and "Power Rangers" are making a come back.  I even got to meet the green ranger!!! :) That is all for now..until next time :D 

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