Wednesday, September 24, 2014

High School: 11 years later

High School: We all have to make it through... well not really we could quit and get a GED or quit altogether.  Most of us at least go,  I enjoyed my time in high school.  I really had a lot of fun, I loved Friday night football games, band competitions on Saturday, Pep Band during the winter, Winter guard.. I even enjoyed school work.  I wish that I was a better student, oh well.  
Really this blog is not all about me talking about my high school experience, it is just a thought that I had while filling through the channels.


You know that you have seen this movie, infact if you born at the right time you probably quote it.  And if you are still in high school, "On Wednesdays you wear pink."  However, don't you wish that the girls in high school where actually like these "Mean Girls???"  

In high school I was not a part of the "it-crowd," I had no desire to be.  If they liked me, great.  If the didn't, who cares.  I tried to be nice to everyone, I don't know that I really achieved it.  I wasn't bullied, a couple of people called me a slut, not sure why, but it was there.  And I didn't have this grand idea that I would reinvent myself in college.  I just wanted to enjoy my time, and then enjoy my time in college.  I spent all four years of high school chasing the same boy, that would later become my husband (it was totally unintentional, that I met my husband when I was 13, but here we are.)

I do want to talk about "Mean Girls."  THEY ONLY CHANGE A LITTLE BIT!!  Honestly they do.  They will facebook friend you so that they can spy on you.  The ones that you think are not mean, that were just a part of that group and that maybe you can talk to, you reach out to them and they ignore you.  They have talent, but even though you have left high school, they have no desire to be nice to you.  It is beyond frustrating and annoying.  

And so, You have to be the better one.  You have to grow from the girl that you were in high school to someone different.  You go to college with the same goal in mind.  You grow up and get married to the boy in highschool.  You get a good job and work really hard.  And when those girls friend you on facebook you friend them.  You like their photos, you talk to them.  Why???  Because that is who you are.  That is the nice person that you are.  Then you write about them in a blog and keep them guessing.  You aren't being mean.  You never said anything bad, but you feel better when it is down on paper, and then you don't think about it.  It is funny how it all works.  So, the next time that you watch mean girls, remember; "On Wednesday's we wear Pink."  Happy Hump Day!

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