Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bells will be ringing

I have to say that a lot has happened
this year.  From August of this 

year until now, I have felt like I have been at the bottom of the fish bowl, and now I can climb my way out of it.  I have finally found a job, where I will not be laid off during the school year at some point in time.  I did have to take a pay cut, but there is a ton of room to grow.  I am happy about growth.  Because, if you know me the reason I liked Walmart is I could try out all kinds of places and not have to look for a different job.  So this job is really ideal for me.  Please wish me luck in this new adventure.

So Im not sure if I said that I did get news from the doctor, I don't have PCOS.  However, my progestin is in the low end of the normal range and Dr. M likes it to be higher so I go some progesterone.  So far so good.  Please continue to send me happy thoughts and prayers.  I appreciate them.

So, as I have been going through this journey for a year and four months, I have come to some realizations:
1: people will either want to support you or come up with reasons to leave you. 
I can understand this, it isn't easy on the hubby or I.  We can be weird about it, and crazy at the same time.  I will say out loud that I want a baby, I will stare at other people's babies (noticeably) and wonder what our kids will look like.  Hubby just wants people to know when we are doing it.  Yeah we are crazy.  If you have stuck through it with us, thank you.  We love you a ton!

2: I used to be really picky about what month our child would be born in.  Before we were really trying I would tell the hubby that there was not practicing in a certain month cause then our baby would be born in the month, and there were already enough birthday's in the month.  As we have journeyed through this I have no months to be picky about.  I will just be very grateful and excited when it comes. There are no times that are off limits for practicing, so if you call and we don't answer you can assume, we think it's funny!

3: Gender:  now Hubby and I still do not want a house full of boys, but we will take them if that is what God decides.

4: Faith... I have always been a believer, not the kind that goes to church all the time.  Just the type that he is watching and if you pray then good things will happen.  I heard in one week three or four times that God has not picked the baby for you.  Not towards me, but in different things.  Like, I heard it on a show I was watching.  Then the radio, then someone else's conversation..and a few more.  This really seemed to hold true.  We don't know why we are born into the families that we are born to, but there has to be another answer.

5: Hubby and I might be that weird couple without kids, that plan and do and rearrange our house and lives for the kids that we hope to have.  Okay you might have to hang in there for a little bit on this one so that you get the idea of what I am saying.  1st: rooms in our house, if you have come to visit us, we have a pretty big house.  When we invite friends over we always offer for them to stay, we have room and we enjoy company.  Hubby and I have already talked about kicking him out of the office space that it has so that it is a nap/baby/toy/puppy room.  Then we decided which room would house the baby, (no baby yet) we just wanna plan.  2nd: Job, which really doesn't apply for me as I am leaving my job.  The job that I had no sick time, no holiday pay, no leave, no nothing.  The one that I thought was going to advance me into being a teacher.  The one that does not pay for classes for me, but wants me to take them.  The one that will not give me a raise for it.  Then having to work all these crazy hours.  Yeah, I'm out.  I don't have time.  3rd: Hubby and I love kids.  Truly this is one of the reasons that I married him.  He has a big heart, and likes to play with kids.  Hubby is nurturing, and he is a softy... especially for brown eyed girls!  Okay, enough with that!

I want to say that I feel a lot better with this new job.  I have a renewed sense of hope, and want to celebrate the holidays now.  Now time to get the rest of my Christmas gifts and bring in the New Year!  Happy Holiday's, I'm sure we will be talking again!

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