Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March 1st.

We are now 3 months into the New Year, yay we made it.  When I get to March I always feel like the New Year has finally kicked off.  In January you are getting used to the New Year, in February you are just hoping that it doesn't go by too quick and you can catch up.  When you get to March you can breath, you finally are able to write the New Year down, without having to scratch it out 10 million times!  Anyways...

You know where are these blogs tend to go.  I'm really sorry but this is my journey right now and because you are reading it, I guess I'm not as I could be.  Anyways (again)... It was this time, give or take a few days, two years ago that Hubby and I were deciding when we were going to take this journey.  Yeah, we are the weirdos that try and plan EVERYTHING.  Now we did not reach that decision until June 2013, and you already know what we decided, unless you haven't been following this blog for a while.  And many people didn't find out that we were on that journey until Feb or March of 2014.  So we have been letting you know for about a year now.  

I love when people don't know.  Our old roommate found out Christmas 2014.  A friend on facebook found out a little bit ago.  It is fun to know who takes notice and who doesn't.  I am sure that some of you don't read this at all and know our journey through someone else.  That is okay too.  Some of you might not know our journey at all, but not all of it you do know.  People ask if we have tried this, did we do that.  Most of the answer's to those questions are yes, even if I have said no.  I have googled and researched a lot of things.  Some things that I really didn't want to know, somethings that I never thought that I needed to know.  Some things that I don't think are true at all.  Do you know the answers some people will give you???  So many myths, defacing the myths... oh it is endless.

Moving on...

I think that there has to come a point in time when you decide the enough is enough, and you are going as far as you can.  People will tell you to keep going and don't give up.  But this is a hard process, and honestly until you have done it over and over, you can't tell someone to keep trying.  Your body goes through a lot, your marriage or relationship goes through a lot.  It seems like nothing can make you happy.  And then, and there is where you stop.  You say I hear what you are saying, but I have to stop doing this.  Because when your job is gone, when someone or something has taken it from you, if you don't figure out where it is or how to get it back, you never will.  

And so when I snuggle my boxer and ratties, when I watch my dvr till it's empty... that is when I am getting some joy.  Little by little!  It's not all gone, and I am not done yet.  I have one more leg in my journey, though this might cost the most!

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