Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just two kids with a dream

We were just two kids with a dream.....

and we hoped that what we dreamed for would come true.  At first they were mild stepping stones...

High School Graduation
College Graduation
Getting a house
Getting married
and then....
Having babies.

Now we are two adults with big dreams...

Whatever they might be.  We have come to a point, a point that we are not sure of where it will go.  It has been about a month that they said we needed to have this test and we are in no rush to do it.  It's an all day trip.  It also may or may not tell us if we can have babies or not.  For 16 years we have been each other's best friend.  Sure we have had other bests between now and then, but we have been each other's best almost from the day we met.  2 years later we started dating, and 10 years after that we got married.  We have done everything in time.  We know each other very well.  We know what we want.  It's not going to come easy, but we will get there.  Behind everyone else.  That is just the way it goes for us.

I want everyone to know...
I am 100% okay being around pregnant people.  I am really 100% happy for you.  Please don't think that you can't invite me to something because I can't be around kids that is 1000% false.  I can talk about your kids or babies and be okay.  I'm not going to have a melt down.  Please feel free to feel bad for me though.  But don't harp on it.  I'm sad, I won't lie about it.  

If you are going to talk about people that shouldn't be parents, I'm not game.  If you are going to talk about how bad people treat their kids I don't want to talk about that either. I don't want to be reminded that they can easily have kids.  I know how unfair this world is and I don't need you to tell me about it all the time.  

I also want you to know that my husband has gotten in the habit of telling me often how much he wants a little person.  Which means that it is almost daily.  We want this, we really do.  We are not settling for something else, we are not settling.  We are just taking our time.  Maybe we shouldn't be, but that is how it is.  

Okay so...

We are still two kids with dreams, we just became adults.
We still want a lot of things, we just have to really work for them.
One day they will all happen, and you will see it!

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