Saturday, May 23, 2015

Feeling beautiful with him

I don't always feel beautiful, (and I'm not saying that I am, I have flaws...we all do!!) but when I am with him, I feel great!  The reason behind this blog is a question that I posed on facebook:

So I struggling to dress like an almost 30 year old. When I go to the store, I am attracted to the bright colors of the Juniors section, and I know I don't belong there. But all these dark colors and styles in the women's section have me feeling like im 50. Help me!!!

This is a real problem.  I go to the store, and it is like I am stuck going to the juniors section.  I buy something and I am always 2nd guessing myself, asking am I dressing appropriately.  I also like prints and don't want to have to do solids all the time.  

Let's explore this a little further:  think about when you walk into Kohl's.  Do you have the picture in your head??  Okay, I'll help you out... usually you walk in by the juniors section, to the front is the jewelry counter (we can skip that), if you go a little past the juniors there is a women's section...
No think in terms of color.  Juniors is all nice a bright...Women's has dark colors.  Of which I'm not drawn to.  I'm okay with a black top or bottom now and again, but that purple-ish color (the color that I am writing in)...I am sick of it.  What's it called a plum?  Yeah, I have skirts and tops and pants in that color.  I liked it for a time, but I am tired of going to the store and seeing it now.  

When I'm with him I feel young, I feel 17.

Why is women's clothes so dark??  I got an overwhelming response from friends on facebook, showing me where to go.  Sometimes I need a little direction.  I'm not always trendy, most of what I wear is comfort, other times it is that I am being told what I have to wear.  Now that I am working at a Bank, I'm not sure what to wear.  

Can I wear what I wore when I was at school with the kids?  Do I need to be a bit more dressy?  Ahhh!

Think about this, (not counting blockbuster) When I started working at Walmart, when I was 18; you could wear anything as long as you wore jeans on pay day Thursday.  So, I didn't get a lot of dress clothes, I was a cashier and then a CSM and I got dirty most of the day.  Then I went to Radford, and that was jeans a t-shirt daily.  I would dress up on occasion.  Then I came back to Walmart in the khaki and navy blue days, (I HATE khaki pants).  Then I left them and starting working in the school.  Where I could, by the company standards where a nice top and jeans to school daily, I did not do that.  I dressed how the teachers did, as best I could.  Then I went to the preschool, where it was nice top/t-shirts and solid pants (of which I ruined a lot of clothes, because we used bleach).  And now I am in an entirely different place.  I don't want to show up and look out of place.  

Clothes define us all.  You can say that don't, but that is not true.

How many times have you been out with your friends, your spouse, or your family and someone has commented on what you have on??  Or you're at a family event and you think that you have on something okay and you don't??  Just think on that...  It happens all the time.  Sometimes it happens and no one tells you.  People are looking at what you are wearing.  Something that this makes me think of...
When I was in college there was this girl in a few of my classes, she wore really cute tops.  People were always telling her how nice she looked.  So one day I asked her where she shopped... her answer; I don't know.  Are you kidding me?  It's not that I want to wear the same thing as you, I don't want to copy you.  You wear cute stuff, we are in teacher classes together and you can't tell me where you got stuff?  
I don't want to look like anyone... (I have been compared to Katie Holmes, Winnie Cooper (from the Wonder Years) and Wednesday Adams (from the Adams family) all of which I don't mind looking like), I want to look like myself.  But I want to dress well.

I think because when I am with him the outside world doesn't matter, is why I feel okay.  I don't have bad self esteem, I just feel great with him.  My style doesn't matter, sometimes he dresses better than me.  I'm okay with it.  But days like the one in this photo make me feel good.  So as I struggle with new clothes and getting it together, I will remind myself; with him I'm Beautiful!

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