Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Im gonna do it.

Leaving my job in child care has been the best thing I have done in a long time.  (I am still willing to help out friends, but those days are over.)

Most of the time when I set my mind to something, I do it.  (Minus the fact that I have never seemed to be able to stop drinking sodas, and I am not a teacher.)  When things were going bad at the child care facility, I began looking for jobs.  I decided that I was worth more than a job that wanted me to work with my own vomit in my hair, and then turned around and took the time away from me.  I decided that I was worth more than someone calling me a loser, or that I was lazy for not completing a bulletin board that I still had time to do.  I wanted to be worth my education, and I wanted to work somewhere where I could have time for myself and the things that I needed to do.  I looked for other jobs.  I found another job, and I love this job.  This is my career, (however if you would like to submit my blog to a book deal or somewhere to make money, I can do that too!!)

I have been putting off going to the Dr since February.  Since February, I have thought and believed that I would be pregnant.  This is not the case.  I spent most of April and May playing phone tag with my Dr.  No one in the office could give me the information that I needed, and I was on lunch when they were.  They gave me the wrong number, which I called.  When I called this number (we will call the lady, "devil lady," cause omg she was rude) devil lady asked what I needed.  I explained that I needed to have a uterine dye test done (not remembering or knowing what the technical term for it was) and that my husband needed a seamen analsys.  Devil lady asked if I was a patient of Dr Evans, I explained that I wasn't and that I had an OBGYN.  Devil lady was like Dr Evans won't sign off for you to have this done unless you are his patient.  At this point I am more than angry.  I explain the whole thing again, and I let her know for maybe the 1000th time that I have a husband, that this is not something I'm just trying to do.  Devil lady gets more angry with me and says that she will email Dr Evans  and call me back.  I hung up.

When I finally got a hold of my OBGYN, (new nurse lady we shall call her demon lady) Demon Lady listens to what I have to say and then tells me that they NEVER give the wrong number.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Demon lady explains that she doesn't know what number I have but this is the number to Dr Bateman and Dr Williams and we give this out all the time.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  So I get angry, I explain one last time.  I tell Demon lady the number, and she is like well you wrote it down wrong.  NO Demon Lady I did not.  I didn't write it someone in your office did, and if I could come in, I would show it to you.  Demon lady is trying to hurry me off the phone.  I gladly hang up because I have had more than enough.

I am now left with a phone number and and option.  Hubby and I have been trying to weigh it all out.  We are trying to decide what is best for us, and it has been tough.  What we have decided is that we are going to change insurance to my job.  And we are going to have the procedure done, but after that we are going to go to a different OBGYN.  We have had enough of this.  You would think that Drs who are in the business of bringing more people in the world would be more helpful to someone who is trying to bring/create another person.  I have almost hit the 2 year mark in this and I am more than ready to be a mommy.  I'm not saying that I am going to be great at it.  But I am going to try hard.  I will make mistakes, but I will be so grateful for that little person.  I still have the disclaimer that if you are a part of my family and you have a baby that if you steal my kids name I am still going to name them the name, so look out.  So far only one has, and I love little "A."  Happy June!!!!!

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