Monday, June 22, 2015


I know that the doctors think I'm joking, or that I have all the time in the world.  I am not either.  I no longer recommend Blue Ridge OBGYN.  (I don't know that I really did in the first place.)  I don't think that I should have to bounce around the practice to different doctors to get to the bottom line of this.  So I am going to bounce right out of the office.  How many times is this doctors office not going to take the blame for something that they are clearly doing???  They gave me the wrong number, they didn't schedule my appointment.  They didn't tell me that I had to have this done at a certain time.  They didn't say that they would just fax my stuff when I made the appointment.  So they can kiss my ass!!!!!   I get it I'm young, but this is not fun any more.  This is torture.   This has become a heart breaking journey.  This has become one where I think a million different things are wrong with me.  Where many different people have given advice, and tried to tell me that I'm doing "it" wrong.  

Tomorrow is the day and I just pray for an answer.  Although it is not a complete work up (I cannot have my procedure until a certain day of my cycle, something that me doctor neglected to tell me).  But, it might be something that will get us further in the right direction.  

When someone asks me about things, I tend to become aggravated again.  I really want to say; "Have you heard the news?  I'm still NOT pregnant."  Then I want to walk away.  I also have a flip side to this, when people ask me about it, I tend to have word vomit and give every.single.detail.  Someone at my new job asked me why I wasn't in a great mood, and it just poured out.  I couldn't stop it.  All I could think about was, stop, why do you keep talking, why aren't you stopping, why are you still going??  There was no one to save me.  So she heard almost all the story.  My new job also must not have a lot of gossip, because no one talked to me about it the next day, or the ones after that.  Which is really nice.

So, tomorrow is the day.  We had down to UVA and we get a piece of the puzzle.  If all goes well, it might be the only thing that we need.  If not we will be headed down next month for my turn with procedures.  

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