Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Great Pink Debate (On National no bra day!!)

I have heard a ton of things about wearing pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Some of them are just people talking and some are advocating, others are the political side of the coin.  And I know that we all have opinions and thoughts about this.  

Fact: ALL women have breasts!

However you see this, weather you believe that God created us all, or we are a product of the big bang... all women have them.  We cannot deny that they are there.  Look around, the lady next to, your friend at work.  Boobies are real, they are not something that men made up to play with and sexualize.  

Fact: Men can get breast cancer too.

The man you love and adore, your dad, grandpa, uncle... the neighbor that shovels you out of the snow storm.  They can all get breast cancer.  This is not a women's disease.  

Fact: Wearing pink is only promoting/reminding women and men to get a breast exam and perform self checks. 

Unless you are buying your pink from Susan G. Komen, or some other organization, you are not sponsoring anyone when you wear pink.  When I was in college people thought that I was crazy when I had a breast cancer awareness program and then I made a board with steps to breast health.  I'm not crazy.  I had my residents in on this, they were thinking about this.  People in their 20's are impressionable, and if you can get them thinking, they will roll with it.  I'll be the one to paste boobies anywhere to get people's attention about breast health.  

Fact: Our numbers are down. 

According to the American Cancer Society, Breast cancer is no longer the leading cause of deaths in women.  And why do you think that is???   

Because we are reminded of breast health.  We take month and hit it hard.  We don't listen to people who tell us not to wear pink or that we are attacking this political thing or that.  Breast health should not be political, it should not be something that you are for or against.  

Everyone has something that they are passionate about.  A cause, a view, a political viewpoint, something.  Be let your voice be heard.  Don't stop!  And get ya boobies checked!!!

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