Thursday, April 21, 2016

A mind that doesn't rest

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I tend to be very critical and hard on myself.  I try not be hard on myself, but it doesn't seem that I can let up.  I'm also trying not to dwell on things.  But, sometimes I can't stop that either.

Life is always evolving, always moving.  But, sometimes I'd like it to stop both of these a slow down.  I didn't think that life was going fast until I hit 30.  (Yes, I know it hasn't been a year... but it has been a long year.)  Anyways.  I was trying not to head down the depressing rode, of not being able to conceive that I usually go to.  (It's always on my restless mind, from baby dreams, to thinking of what I am going to name my kids.. it is never ending.)  But I honestly have other thoughts than just those, they just never seem to service.

I have been on a diet (minus my friends wedding this past weekend, Congratulations to them by the way!! <3) for about 2 weeks.  In those 2 weeks, I have lost 5 lbs.  It has been hard.  And I have said that I want to lose about 20lbs by July.  Which, if you have ever tired to be on a diet and lose it is really really hard.  I quickly ate so much fish that I am tired of it.  And I am slowly getting tired of eating chicken.  The problem is the Hubz is on a diet too, however he is doing nutrasystem.  So he doesn't eat what I eat.  And work is one giant struggle.  We work next to Chickfila and the smell comes through our building.  I feel like I smell it and gain back what I would lose.  Oh, and there is the fact that I just can't seem to drink water.  I don't like the taste of it.  So, I try to flavor it with Crystal Light, but that is 5 calories every time I do it, on top of whatever I am consuming in the day.  Which has really been a lot less.  But I haven't been tracking.  This is simple, in order to lose weight reduce your calorie intake and get moving.  Yeah...

I really just want to eat a Cheeseburger and hope that I don't gain 5lbs.  But, I'm trying very hard not to give up.  Anything that you can do to encourage me would be great.  I have to keep on keeping on.

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