Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sugar and Spice

In a world where everyone's opinion is on blast, it is hard to keep one's bottled inside.  What in the world I am saying, I am made with more spice than sugar.  I am loud and opinionated and I don't apologize for it.  I have some strong opinions about many things and I have no filter about them.  However, some things I have been keeping quiet about.  I don't like drama and my spice does tend to lend itself to a whole lot of drama.

That being said... here are some things that you need to know.

1.  Do not ask for my advice/opinion/what to do, and then not take it or take it into consideration.  My spice will get you there.  I will tell you and then I'll get frustrated that you are not following it.  If you want me to not think that you are going to follow it, you might not want to ask me.  It's not one of those my ways or the high way things, it is more of you asked me, you must need my help.  I'm thinking of ways to help you, I have come up with something good, and for you not to try it, makes me crazy.  Then I have the need to tell you that you are not following it so stop belly aching about it.

2.  I don't agree with everything that you say.  (Shocker)  You see one side and I almost always see the other.  People get so upset when you don't see things the way that you do.  I don't.  You can see something other than I do and I am so okay with that.  I am not going to try and change your mind.  I know that you are going to try and change my mind.  I don't know why you keep doing that, but keep on trying.  You are wasting your time.

3.  I am a forever optimist, with pessimistic thoughts.  You might ask how this works; let me explain.  I always think that something positive is going to happen.  I always look at things in a good way.  Then I think about it, and realize that it is not really going to happen, and I just need to call it a day.  

There are some things that you come to realize when you are an adult.  Call them harsh truths if you will.  Money will run out, you have to keep trying to earn it.  (Earn being the key word)  Love will grow, change, and evolve; you will have to be okay with that or you will be left behind.  People will tell you that they like or love you and this will not be the truth.  People will disappoint you, let it happen.  You will grow from it.  Do what you want.  If you have a before 40 bucket list, you do it.  Don't let family and friends change it.  Also, friends will come and go.  They will try and be there for you, but in the end you have to be there for yourself.  Laundry never ends.  Dancing in your underwear is fun, at all ages.  

Disappointed as you might be with things, keep on trying.  A bird will still try and fly even if you clip her wings.  

"1-2-3 Like a bird I sing
Cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings
I'm so glad you're here today
Cause tomorrow I might have to go and fly away"

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