Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wowza...where have I been?

I apologize for not blogging in forever and a day in a half. I more or less work three jobs right now, and haven't found my cooking muse. (I am stuck in a rut and am not sure what to make!!) So let me try and wrap up the month of June and the last part of May, in this blog, and hopefully in July you will get a lot more blogs...

So at the end of May I started work at a place called counseling interventions, I am also working at wally world on the weekends, and doing Scentsy when I can (I need to have another home party, there are many new scents for everyone to smell.) I have been cooking, but I really have no inspiration... That was pretty much the end of may..there was really nothing going on..oh yeah there was, I almost forgot. I FINALLY went to the dr about the thing on my back. Hubby was very persistent, so I went. Dr said that he was no concerned about it, and wasn't going to take it off. Well the Hubby wouldn't take that as an answer, so I said well it bother's me a little bit, so he said I will take it off..that was scheduled for June 7th.

June comes...Let me tell you it get's hectic, working all the time, and not knowing where your calendar is..oh my!! (My head is spinning) I can tell you that I made guac and really messed it up, it was awful. I don't know what I did or didn't do, but it was bad!! June 7th comes, I am totally nervous. I had in my that this thing on my back was going to be the death of me. I made Hubby go with me, after all he was the one saying this thing was coming off. So I walk in the office, and into the room where this is happening. And there is a dog...he brings a dog in the room while he is cutting this thing off of me. He comes in and numbs me, which is the part that I was most scared of, because I hate needles. That didn't hurt, he is like Ill be back in 10 mins. I was not numb when he came back in. Hubby says that the dr starts poking me and putting more into my back...I didn't feel it, so guess I was numb. He cut it out, I bleed, and then he is like see you in two weeks...wait what? Um why not a week? I'm going to the beach in two weeks. So he is like well they have to be in for two weeks. So I had them in for a week and a day, I was not coming back from the beach early.

On June 16th (which just happened to be the day of my best friends baby shower, which was wonderful!! She got so much stuff and we had a great time!!) I got a letter in the test had come back...benign!! Thank good. On the 22nd I had the stitches taken out, and trade one scar of a better looking on and a rash...ugg will this ever go away?

On the 23rd we went to brew fest. It is like wine tasting but with beer...I don't drink that crap so I just watch. But they have lots of venders and we got some wing sauce..which leads to this blog...

I have NEVER been able to cook chicken with the bone in. It is either raw or bloody...which pisses me off to no end. What is soooooo freaking hard about it? Why can't it just cook. Well today I was determined to get it right. I took chicken out of the freezer at 12pm today. I let it completely unthaw, and then put it in some water with some spices. I let that sit for most of the day. Then I cooked it on the grill for about an hour. It was bloody the first time I tried to take it off, then it was great. So I put on torchbearsauce, called honey garlic and chipotle bbq. Oh my gosh it was amazing. I love how the little things in life make me happy. Getting chicken right is one of them!!!! So now it is almost July and I will be cooking. Send me your recipe. I would love to try it!!!

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