Monday, September 17, 2012

I am Queen of the Chicken Carcus!!!

Today I wanted to make Taquitos and have a left over night.  But, much to my dismay...I bought rotisserie chicken, and you should really eat it when you buy it...soo I made "Creamy Chicken and Rice" instead.

This my friends is step Two, step one is making Chicken flavored rice (following the directions on the box).  This is the taking the chicken off the bone phase, really fun, really messy!!


This is step three....I think.  Actually I'm really not sure, it just says to mix all the stuff together..and it should be nice and thick.  This is pretty thick.

Step four or maybe five, I think that you are getting the idea...

What it looks like when it is done baking....the first time

The very finished product...

The lady that made this, said it was to DIE for (that was not me btw).  I am not really sure if I agree.  I was more interested in my salad, than I was the casserole.  Hubby and Roommie really enjoyed it.  I just thought it was kind of plan.  

Here is the recipe; Courtesy of "Tastey Kitchen"

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