Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank You!! THANK YOU!!! thank you!!!

I honestly cannot tell you how grateful I am that you follow and read my blog!  It really does amaze me.  In January, I really never thought that people would read this.  So I am really humbled by this experience!!  While my husband and dogs are sleeping I am writing (today), while the people in my house are watching TV or doing something else fun, I am writing.  While, I am working I am thinking about cooking and writing.  So, the simple face that you are ready makes me SOOO happy!  

(After you read about this one, there is one recipe left in my five, and I will more than likely cook it tonight.)  Who doesn't LOVE meatballs?  I mean really, they just taste so darn good.  These are no exception.  However with all these recipes that I have found this time around they need tweaked just a bit.

You can find Holiday Bourbon Whiskey Meatballs here:  or here:

Hubby really liked them.  He ate most of them and then complained that there were not anymore.  It isn't that I didn't like them, but I need more than what i was tasting.  Here is what I would change:
1. I would put in a full cup of ketchup and brown sugar.  I really like my meatballs to be sausey.  2. If you keep the ketchup and brown sugar the same, add less of the Bourbon Whiskey (I used Wild Turkey 101, that could be why it was super strong).  3. She doesn't say how long to cook the meatballs.  I cooked them for an hour and then another 30 minutes, they could have been longer.  

I didn't serve these on a holiday, but on a weeknight it was still just as tasty!

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