Friday, September 14, 2012

I need this Crock Pot Recipe Book!!!

So...I did something that every book store hates; I found a book that I REALLY wanted, sat down and read through it, and took a picture of recipes that I want to make.  (Yea...I am that kid).  I would say that I am sorry, but I'm not.  

Anyways, I made the recipe.  A thing about crock pot recipes, the ingredients are simple, and most of the time you have everything you need at home!!!

That's the book I want!!  Tons and Tons of things to make and the best part I don't have to be home to do it!!! (LOVE IT!!!)

That's the recipe I made.  It's pretty tasty.  The best part; the pork chops hold and don't shred.  I am not a shredded meat person, so this works very well for me.  

Now as Paula Dean would say: (even though I really don't like her) Love and best dishes from my family to yours!!!!

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