Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 days with OUT soda and I feel fine

Life is all about resolutions, you resolve not to do this, and give up that.  People say that they will get more sleep or exercise more, but who really does it??

This chick right here!!!  I want to be honest with you as I have always been, when I was younger (I know I am not that old, but I am talking like a little kid, pre-adult, TWEEN years) I never really drank a lot of soda.  It was around, but I was really lucky if I drank an entire can.  When I was in high school, in between school and whatever practice I had, I would pay 50 cents to drink not even half a can.  Then some where along the way (probably the late nights at wally world), I started drinking an entire bottle (not a can a bottle!!!!).  And then the one bottle turned into 4 or 5 a day and then I just couldn't stop myself.  

I stopped for my wedding, and I should have never allowed myself that Dr. Pepper on my wedding day.  Cause then I was up to tons of bottles again.  Honestly I didn't realize how awake they actually made me.....

So my resolution was to give up soda again.  I am 15 days soda free, and my pants fit better.  But, I have noticed that I am really coming down off of them and I am tired more.  I want to go to bed at 9:30 and still not get up until 9:30.  BUT, I do have more energy during the day.  It has been really hard not to drink them.  My biggest downfall is my hubby.  He really likes Soda, and many times will not drink much else, so fat he has not asked to buy a case of soda.  But, I have decided that if he does and he wants one, I am going to buy something that I don't like.  I cannot be tempted.  I was at Rite Aid today, and I was in the drink cooler.  Passing all the Sweet tea which I really can't stand...and then the DR. PEPPER.  God, help me!  I had to quickly move away from the case.  On to the Arizona tea.  Two of those for a buck!!!

Baby steps is what it is all about.  But, I quit cold turkey once again.  If I have access to tea, I will drink that.  If I can get water I will sometimes do that.  I will not drink sodas, if that means shopping for an hour at wally world and not buying a drink I will do it!!

Wish me well!!! <3

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