Friday, February 8, 2013

Too much take out....

To be honest with you...I really LOVE takeout food.  Especially, Tacos, and I have been eating a lot of it lately.  Hence why I have not made Icrock pot meals like I said I would.   I'm sorry that I have been MIA and I do promise to return to blogging and getting all the good stuff in, in this shortened month.  Sometimes, when you get home late, you just want to go to bed.  So, cooking stuff in a crock pot would be so much easier than what I have been doing.  

So, to whoever reads you have a crock pot recipe that you are willing to share with me?  I would love to know what you like making in your crock pot.  I know that I LOVE mine, and since getting it in October, I have probably used it more times than I can count.  

I am trying to think of something to make in it right now.  I am enjoying this snowy weather that we have been having.  I'd love some more of it.  It really makes we want to move somewhere, where we get more snow!!  Any ways.  Happy blogging :D

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