Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's been a hard two weeks...I

I have to admit that these last two weeks have not been good at all.  In fact August 2014 you have not been kind to me, and I am more than tired of this nonsense.  Two weeks ago today I was sicker than sick, I couldn't get out of bed.  That same day facebook was unkind to me...

My grandma had forgot to mention one thing to me, and when everyone on facebook started talking about Hospice coming in for my Aunt, I went into panic mode!  From What I had been told she was okay, this was not the case.  About a week later she passed away.  Death affects many of us differently.. Some people get angry, some blame, others are very sad, some people so nothing when faced with death.

Where do I fall?  Well, to be honest I am not sure.  This one makes me overly emotional.  I am also regretful, I don't think that I ever spent enough time for her.  My mind also plays the number game.. I hate this game.  If you know anything about me I am a number person.  I am horrible at math, so that is not what I mean by numbers.  What I mean is..

I have a thing for 3.. 3rd person in alphabetical order in my high school class, graduated in 2003, and then 2006, and then 2009 (all related to 3), I usually surround myself with 3 friends that I care a great deal for..I think that you get it.  

The number game is not kind to me.  Similarities in my Aunt and My great grandma are not a good thing.  This is where I will leave that, because I will get stuck on it.

After my Aunt died, my grandma got sick AGAIN.  We have been battling this for a long time now.  And now she is back in the Hospital.  This is not a fun thing.  I don't think that any of this is a fun thing.  I ask that if you are into praying that you pray for her, at least so that she doesn't worry.

Finally...  My car took it's final run on the 19th.  After a long day of work, I dropped of my client and ran smack into a deer.  I was hoping beyond hope that the insurance company would choose to fix her.  I didn't want to get rid of my dear Bubbles just yet.  But I guess the deer was a little too rough, cause the next day I got a call that she was totalled.  I was fine, I wasn't going that fast.  But there is a really big dent in her and she is going to be sold for parts :(.  I cried, I didn't want to say goodbye.  But goodbye's were said.  Bubbles has been almost everywhere, and almost all of my friends have ridden in her.  I didn't need a co-signer for the loan that I got to buy her, mom signed any way.  I was a responsible 19 year old.  I know that it sounds crazy, she was just a car.  But Bubbles was my car, and we had a great run!  RIP Bubbles 2005-2014.

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