Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Gluten No Dairy, What will I eat?

I have heard many woman say that they have had higher success rates, by taking both gluten and dairy out of their diets while going threw the IVF process.  So, I started looking around at both things.  I can't handle the non dairy.  I really don't like milk, I could go without cheese, yogurt isn't that big of a deal.  I gave up caffeine the last time, and red meat, so that isn't a big deal either.  But, gluten seems to be the hard one.  If I give up all the rest and gluten and count in the fact that I am a picky pants, there isn't much for me to eat.  

Lots of Meat, fruit and veggies.  You would be so surprised at how many things don't have dairy but have gluten.  Or don't have gluten but have a insane amount of carbs, and you know that the more carbs that you eat the higher you are at risk of high blood sugar.  Did you also know that on a gluten free diet you can have lots of wine, but not any beer?  Not that that matters to me, but I do think that it is pretty funny.  

So I am thinking about trying this shake that a friend of mine introduced to me.  It is a shake in the morning and a shake in the evening and then you would eat something in the middle of the day.  They are non dairy and non gluten.  So I think that might be the best thing for me to follow.  I will miss so much food.  I will be okay.  

I'm also writing this because my diet has not been good.  I have lost 8 lbs and then that is it.  I added some exercise but it is just not going good.  So I am going to try something new in the hopes that I will get some more of this off.

So starting June 1st this will be my life.  Wish me luck! 

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