Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Real Update this time...

When they say that, "Anything worth having is worth the effort (or something like that)" I can say that YES I agree.  IVF is hard.  It is harder to explain it to anyone.  Some believe that it is magic mixed with science, others I have to explain over and over again.  I don't mind, there are things that I don't understand.  (For instance my RE nurse said that she wasn't calling anything in, and then she did, and she called in Vaginal Suppositories, when I am on shots??  Makes me wonder if she got the right person.)  

So, I was in my first TWW (Two week wait), this one is the time after the Eggs are retrieved to the time that my body naturally has a period.  I am supposed to get two weeks.  I only got a week and a half, although yesterday was the 2 week mark, and I have been on shot break.  It is so nice, to not have to inject daily.  With a frozen cycle, it is much different.  They want your body to get the IVF drugs out of your system.  However, then they suppress your system, so that your hormones are all out of whack.  OH and I get to take BCP (Birth control again).  I am so tired of taking BCP it is not funny.  You see when I was on it to begin with I never really liked it, it made me feel like crap, and then I never got Aunt Flo, when she was supposed to come anyways.  So, now that I have to take it again, I am so annoyed.  I think that because I'm annoyed, I add a little extra meanness to it.  

These next meds, I have never been on.  I am a little nervous to partake in them.  I don't want to stick things up my vajayjay.  And I really don't want to give myself shots.  So yeah there is that.

Because my cycles are all messed up, I have been getting a lot more migraines.  Yesterday I was on the couch all day, I was so hopeful to get my house cleaned and laundry done, and I couldn't even get off the couch.  I tried some peppermint oil on my temples and I think that my head was too far gone.  I hate migraines, they really need to stop.  I am unable to do anything with them.  I can't care for my dogs, and I am scared that I will get them when I have my kids, and will need someone to rescue me. I think then I will go to the Dr. and demand the medication for it.  Every time I am there and ask, they won't give it to me.  They say that one a month does not count for going on medication.  I say that one a month and not being able to do anything until the day after should count.  I will beg, especially if I have a baby to care for.  I am writing this with tears streaming down my face, just thinking of how bad it was yesterday.   

So that is my update, I am full of migraines and wonder.  And just hopeful that our puppies stick.  That these puppies decided ALREADY that hubs and I will be there mom and dad.  Love and Baby Dust.