Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Untitled part 2

Since leaving facebook, I have felt ever so... free.  Plus I have battery to save on my phone.  I never really realized how much I checked that thing.  Anyways...

I have realized that sometimes God answers your prayers in different ways.  And sometimes he isn't answering you at all.  That is something that I am learning to handle.  I honestly want to be okay with whatever comes my way.  But, I am really not good at that.  Not even a little bit.

Tomorrow I have to take my puppies (real puppies not my embryos) to the vet.  I am very worried about taking them.  The Boxer is fine.  She is perfect health, she just has to have her Rabies.  Hubs will have to take her to the car afterwards, because the rotten dog has as much anxiety in her 70lbs as I have in all of me.  Emma is fine too, she is my other rat, she just needs a check up and a rabies shot.  It's Jake that I worry about.  He has these lumps on him, and he is old.  And all I can think of is they are going to say something about him, and I am going to lose my mind.  

Right now my dogs are my kids (I include the cat as a dog, because he is weird and acts like one), and to lose one of them is like losing a piece of my soul.  Rotten I know.  I'm just worried.

Okay, so I don't really have an update.  This is just simple life, leading a simple life.  (Okay it's not really that simple.)  As I am sitting at my keyboard with writers block, trying to think of a way to wow you; I have none.  I think about my story, what is the purpose of this and that, what is the next chapter of this book of life?  But, isn't that the way life goes?  You are not really writing the book, you are living it.  But, as I sit here trying to write, I realize that tomorrow is a blank page for you to live again.  Even if you sit around trying to be productive or change things, you can or you can't.  

I guess my update is that I have a lot of worry.  In a person that has worrying in her jeans, I have a lot to worry.  I want to stop worrying but how do I do that?  

So, if you need to find me, you can find me here.  If you need more daily updates you can find my on instagram, which I must warn you they are mainly updates on my puppies.  For now as always, I wish you love and baby dust.

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