Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Real Me.

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I want to first say that I am on a blog role, I hope to keep this up.  I think it is because I really have a lot going on, and the only way to really get past it is to blog.  Either way, I like it.

I often talk about the "Real Me," not saying that there is a "Fake me."  More like there is a side of me that I do not show.  She comes out often, but I keep her at bay.  Mainly because I am sure that there are a handful of people that actually like the real me, and I am sometimes a people pleaser, and the real me doesn't please too many. 

The real me is loud.  I am talking really loud.  She is not shy, she is not quiet in a room.  She stands out.  (Like when I wear orange, and everyone looks at me funny.)  She loves to laugh.  In fact talking used to get her in trouble, and sometimes still does.  I have toned her down, because always talking does not please anyone.  And because she can talk over people... a lot.  

The real me is really friendly.  (Okay "fake me" is that way too.)  I really like people, not all people but most.  But, the real me isn't so good at being a friend.  

The real me is bossy.  Really, really, times forever bossy.  I was great at being a manger.  I could boss your pants off.  I also knew how to get things done.  But, I didn't really like being the boss of grownups.  So, I stopped being the boss.

Speaking of grownups, the real me doesn't like to be around grownups all day.  In fact, I hate it.  Because grownups have all sorts of opinions, and they are pretty set in their ways.  They are also really good at arguing, about nothing.  I hate it.

Real me is way over opinionated.  That in itself is enough right there.

Real me likes piercings and tattoos (real me has no tattoos.)  If I had it my way I would still have my nose ring, and I would have more piercings than I have right now.  I would probably have a tattoo too.  It is on my bucket list.  One day it will happen, I don't care who doesn't like it.

Real me wants babies.  Okay you knew this.. so moving on.

Real me wants to work with kids.  One of my very first memories is playing school with my great grandma.  I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a teacher.  So, it came to a shock to me when I wasn't.  It came to an even greater shock when I completely changed it and wanted to be a guidance counselor.  This is something that I pray about a lot.

Speaking of praying...  I do that a lot.  But, I am not sure how my beliefs are.  I do believe that there is some kind of being.  But, I'm not sure about God's word.  And I am not sure how I believe.

Real me is random.. Random thoughts, Random mind.

Real me loves dogs.  Like really loves dogs.  If I could I would own a farm, and I would have a lot of dogs.  And I would rescue them and find them loving homes, and I would keep some of them.  I wish that I could fund this.

If there was ever a zombie break out, real me would probably be the first one gone, unless I could find somewhere to hide.  Not because I can't fight, but because I would be scared of them.  If I could survive by hiding, then I could make it, if not, nice knowing you.

There are so many other things.  But, I have to keep her at bay.  For now love and baby dust. 

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