Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking and Birthday's and Working late...

Let me start out by saying...I hate working late!!!!!! I don't know if I have ever really liked it from the time that I started working at wally world. Now that I am older (yea I know, not that old) working late screws with everything. First, I have to find a sitter for my dogs. It usually isn't that hard, and yes they can stay home in the day time, but at night in my house alone they get into trouble. They usually either stay with my mom and dad or they stay with granny and pappy. Second, my sleep is easily disturbed. I usually don't get home until 1am. Then I have to take a shower, because that will make me tired, but it doesn't. Then it is about 2am, and I am laying down, then I have to be at work the next day at 9am, facter in that I get up two hours before i have to be there and that leaves me sleeping from about 230am (if I fall asleep) to about 7am. Then I can't get that normal sleep pattern back until about two or three days after, when I will have to close again. Third, I make dinner for hubby. That is my thing to do. And so I have to usually think of something that he will like to eat, around noon time. Leave it in the fridge and hope that it comes out good, though I normally do not get to taste it. Yea, I hate, Hate, HATE, working late.

On a much better note it is Jake's 7th birthday.
There is another rant that goes with it is...I am so tired of people telling me that dogs are not our "Kids." I don't say the eff word, but that is really what I want to tell you non-believers. First of all I would never ever tell you that the kid that you may have adopted is not your child. So telling me that just because I didn't birth my dog that they are not my kids, is a crappy excuse. And another thing, just because you have kids does not make you and expert. No one is writing a book about how great of a mom you are. So don't criticize me for the fact that i have fur-babies and not human-babies. Lastly, I went to school to learn about kids/babies. Although, I didn't finish I had many classes on it, and even spent a ton of time for kids. I read books (which many parents do when they have kids), I have even had a cpr class (though some time ago and I need a refresh). Stop acting like you are god, just cause you have one. My dogs are my kids, and when Hubby and I are ready we will add human-babies to our mix. So Happy Birthday to my son, that I adopted when I was 19. Thank you for making my world happy, thank you for being in my family, and making us laugh and cry because of who you are!!!!

On to cooking!! (what a long blog)
I have four recipes that I am going to try this week, One I am determined to do tomorrow!! But let me talk about two things that I have made recently. I LOVE homemade pizza, MORE than take out pizza. I'm not sure if it saves calories, but I think that it tastes so much better. Plus you make it how you want it, and you don't have to pay extra for toppings.
Today, for Hubby's dinner which I will never get to try cause I am sure that he will eat it all, I made my version of Green Bean Casserole. GBC (green bean casserole) is my favorite thing to eat on any holiday. Oh my so yummy. And it is something that is really very simple to make when you think about it. Any casserole is, because all you are doing is throwing things together to make it taste good. If you have made a casserole you should, it's not to hard.

About a pound of chicken
1 can of green beans (I like the french cut)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 box of chicken (0r cornbread) stove top stuffing
1/2cup of cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons of french fried onions (those things in the can, hahaha)
Pepper (to taste)
Soy sauce (you add as much or little as you like)

In a small frying pan, fry up the chicken use no oil, because you want the juice to add to your dish.

While that is done open and drain your green beans. Also open up your cream of mushroom soup(coms).
In a glass dish spread out the coms, and then layer beans, stuffing, and chicken. When you get to the top sprinkle the cheese, and onions. then add soy sauce as little as much as you like. (Make sure that you chicken is cooked all the way through, cause you are basically heating up the dish, not cooking it in the oven). Bake at about 375, depending on your oven for 25-30 minutes, and enjoy.

So let me know if you try this, or give me a recipe for something that you make. I am really interested in what you do!!!

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