Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm no Betty Crocker...but sometimes I get it right

Yep, THAT is totally not me!!!  Sometimes we you read the same ingredient over and over again, you want to eat it.  Hence why I wanted BLT's.  I was going to make breakfast for dinner, but I can't/never have been able to make pancakes.  That's an entirely different story (one reason I HATE the way the smell).  

Anyways:  Bacon....Bacon...Bacon...oh yea did I mention Bacon.  LOL!!  It takes way too long to cook bacon.  (an hour, on one thing...ugg I have lost interest).  So I made BLT's, but not your classic ones. I made them on my panini maker, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo (Hubby and Roomie got pepper jack cheese, I had cheddar).  They were yummy and o-so-filling...

You also must know that My favorite season and holiday is coming up...fall, Halloween, and my wedding anniversary!!! :D So very excited!!!  I am going to be trying out a lot of pumpkin-is recipes, sorry if you get sick of them.  I will try to behave...actually I won't but YOU will LOVE it anyways!

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