Sunday, February 5, 2017

I hate pants

I really hate wearing pants.  I pretty much always have.  If there not blue jeans or something like the above picture, I really don't want to put them on.  I'll wear leggings too, even though I really do feel too old to walk around in leggings, but I do it (I cover my bum and lady parts, I'm not walking out of the house with all that hanging out).  I'd rather wear a dress or skirt (really a maxi skit, if I had 50 of them, I'd be set).  But alas, I don't wear skirts or dresses ever day (I do in summer.. I hate shorts, but that is for a different day).  So you would be surprised at the fact that I actually need pants.  Yet, I'm in no mood or hurry to find any.  

At my job we have pretty strict dress code.  We are one of the only banks that is still pretty traditional.  (No body jewelry, had to give up my nose ring :(, no excessive piercings, I'm walking a fine line, because I believe that I should be able to do what I want with my ears, no visible tattoos, I don't have any so I'm good with that.)  But, I think that this is ridicules, because the bank that is not even 1 mile from us has a lax dress code, and there business casual is better than ours.  I just can't get behind it.  

I ask my boss a little bit ago if I could wear a pair of leggings under one of my skirts, because it was cold outside.  To, which if I did, I would be a violation of dress code.   I still don't know how this is possible, and on days like that I wish that I could just be a mermaid, even if I was a weird creepy one like the ones at the bottom of basilisk lake in Harry Potter.  (PS if my boss is reading this, I'm not upset with you, I know that you are just doing what you are supposed to and adhering to the dress code.)  But, it's cold and I can't cover my legs, I'm not going to wear leggings and shirt, I'm going to put my skirt on and then warm my legs.  I just don't get it.  

And yes in case you are wondering, it is on the dress code as unacceptable clothing.  I think it is crazy.  So, I am in this place where I need pants, the pairs that I have have snags in them, and they are getting worn. I have had them for 2 years and wear them a lot.  They have held out which is great, but they are slowly becoming unacceptable to wear to work.  I don't want to buy pants, I'd rather buy skirts and dresses and call it a day.  Which is pretty much what I keep doing every time I buy clothes, which means, I still don't have pants.

I feel like maybe I should just walk into work dress like I want one day, and see what happens.  But, then if I'm not in dress code they could send me home to change, which means more dirty clothes so that can't happen.  I'd also like to come to work in the above pants and not be sent home, but I am pretty sure that I would be sent home for those too.  So, I will just go out and buy pants and wear what I am supposed to wear.  Until, the one day when they finally change the dress code, that or replace us with robots.

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