Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Blogs in one 2fer (not all about food) part b

This blog will be called "b." "B" is for Bad parenting and Bad eating habits (this one has to do a little with food, YES)!!!!

Today was a hectic day a work, people everywhere, buying everything, mix in Valentine's day and the "s" word and there you have it, ciaos in walmart!!!!

Dear Parents:

If your child is under the age of 5, they should be watched in a store. S*it, if your child is under the age of 18, watch your child. If your child is gone more than a second you should panic. You should not get pissed off, if an employee of that store happens to find your child. Count your blessings that it was an employee and not some child murder. In fact I am pretty angry at the way you acted today. I hope that all of your 11 kids are better parents than you are!!!

Signed: The Employee that is more worried about your child than you are!!!

Dear Parents of kids with no table manners:

Do you not teach your child the proper ways to consume food? I shouldn't have to sit in a restaurant, break room, or anywhere else and listen to your child eat their food. What happened to children should be seen and not heard? Noodles need to be twirled not slurped. You should also chew your damn gum with your mouth closed. Please tell your kids that they should chew their food and not swallow it before chewing it. Also to those people in the break room at Wally World, who don't pick up their crumbs or any other mess you make, I have a grudge against you. I don't want to put my arms down in your mess. I still have to go back to work after you are done making your mess. Please stop it. Please and thank you.

Signed: A very pissed off person, with food issues!!!!!

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