Friday, February 3, 2012

Neither Cooking or Reciping Just Blogging

The girl that you see in this picture is completely me!!!! You are seeing everything about me in this picture minus three can't see my feet that are wearing flip flops, you aren't seeing my doggies, and you don't see me how I dress five days a week (blue and Tan). I thought that I needed to show this picture. Cause you need to know more about who you follow!!! Why I went off on this random tangent I have no Idea, but that is usually what I do best.

The last blog that I left you I forgot to give you directions...they will take me sometime to write up, and I don't have enough time between work and getting ready for work to get them to you right now. But in time I will get them to you don't worry!!! Now I have to tell you a secret (that is not really one but you have to know!). I HATE doing the dishes!!!! If you come to my house and see dishes there is a reason, I wait as long as I can, to not do them. Without them getting yucky. I don't know why, but I have always hated this chore, I would rather clean toilets than do dishes!!!! It might have something to do with the many food issues that I have, that I am about this list for you, and is the true purpose of this blog. You might ask why are you going to all this trouble to learn about food and cooking, if you have this much trouble with food. Well I am trying to get over that, so that I can make more and more yummy things without here I go...

A. My food must not and will not touch each other (divided Plates)
B. I will not eat meat that is not cooked all the way threw, I would rather burn it than see pink
C. Do not hide things in my food, and not tell me and then expect that I will eat them
D. Wash your hands after you come from the rest room, and after touching your nose, if you don't I will not eat your food you have made me, and trust me I pay attention!
E. Don't touch my food with your hands even if they are clean unless I either give you permission, or I give it to you.
F. Don't be a Indian giver, and give food back to me.
G. Sometimes I make food that I don't want to eat, just cause I don't want to eat them doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it if I offer it to you.
H. Don't tell me that you don't like a restaurant or food, and then try to get me to eat it or there, I won't try it.
I. If I tell you that I don't like it don't make me eat it, I will get sick, that is just what I do.
J. Speaking of letter "C" if I ask you what is in something and you don't tell me, don't get offended if I don't eat it.
K. Don't be surprised if you take me out somewhere and I order something simple like chicken nuggets or a hamburger, I get nervous eating something different.
L. Also if you invite me to your house and make something that I wouldn't normally eat, don't get offended if I don't eat it
M. I often eat chips (more than often) because I know that I won't get a surprise and they taste good.
N. I won't eat eggs out, your house is counted as out, so don't make me eggs.
O. I won't eat meat without a condiment
P. In High school, I ate only a few things for lunch...A bowl of Pepperoni, Pizza, Stromboli, Chicken Nuggets, Salad and Fries, because I knew that there would be no surprises.
Q. If you try it and say it is good, I might try it.
R. I love Sushi (as picky as I am I do love it so)
S. I could eat Spanish food every day
T. Since having gallbladder surgery almost a year ago Feb, I don't eat spicy food, and something has been breaking me out, but I am not sure what yet.
U. I will try fruit, any of them, just tell me what it is
V. I hate Strawberries
W. Celery makes me gag, I hate it!
X. Cream Cheese is a good Additive for almost any thing
Y. Milk makes me sick
Z. Now that you know, I know you are still going to ask, just remember to not get offended when you find the answer!!!

That is all for now!!!!

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